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Who We Are

Founded by Jeff Sammak in 1993 (learn more about Jeff and the rest of our team below), Strata originally leveraged emerging technology to merge marketing processes into a streamlined, single-source workflow.

Today we offer a wide range of client-driven solutions that help you solve complex marketing and communications challenges. We’re a lot of things (innovators, go-getters, marketing experts), but we’re people first—and we know you are, too. That’s why we believe the best way to help a business achieve its marketing goals is by focusing on the people who work there.

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Our Mission

To Make Smart Happen™

We’ll work to understand our clients’ challenges, collaborate with them to develop smart solutions, and continuously make their marketing efforts more efficient and effective.

Our Vision

To Continually Evolve as a Company

We’ll innovate, so we can help keep our clients ahead of the pack. We’ll be agile, so we can anticipate and lead industry trends. And we’ll stay true to our values, because we don’t just want to be good business people—we want to be good people.

Our Values

To be Smart, Supportive & Sustainable

Our values fall into three broad categories: Smart, Supportive and Sustainable. Smart means we value knowledge, innovation and ingenuity. Supportive means we have the same values as a company that we look for in a colleague: collaborative, dedicated, reliable, authentic. Sustainable means we’re working to become a carbon neutral company by 2030 and fully sustainable by 2035.

Our Promise

To Understand, Collaborate & Solve

Whether you want to acquire customers, overcome operational challenges, or execute a campaign, we have the people, processes, and technology to help you achieve your goals. To put it simply, you explain your challenges, we fill in the gaps, and together we make smart happen.


What We Do

Products & Services

We provide smart marketing solutions, with a genuine human touch. We offer client-driven Integrated Marketing Communications Technology, Multichannel Campaign Marketing Solutions and Execution & Production services that help you achieve a wide range of goals, from solving complex marketing and communications challenges to implementing a scalable operational strategy.


Who We Help

From Fortune 500 companies and regional brands to not-for-profit enterprises, we help marketing and sales professionals across a wide range of industries overcome complex challenges. If your business is grappling with a lack of brand compliance, struggling to develop multichannel campaign strategies, or needs help with smart, scalable processes, we can help.

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