My Personal Motto: Work smarter, not harder.

Amanda Conmy

Business Specialist

Amanda resides in South New Jersey but takes pride in her roots, having been born and raised across the river in DelCo. She is happily married with two bonus kids and is an avid animal lover, caring for four large dogs and a horse. Outside of Strata life, Amanda enjoys spending quality time outdoors with her family and pets. She has a passion for horseback riding and actively engages in working with problematic horses. In her downtime, she indulges in binge-watching TV shows and loves traveling, but especially Disney. Leveraging her extensive knowledge in Business Operations, Amanda is thrilled to be part of Strata, eager to contribute to the company’s growth and future successes alongside her co-workers. And, of course, Go Birds!

My Personal Motto: Work smarter, not harder.

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