Craft a Multichannel
Marketing Campaign

Reach all of your clients, prospects and strategic partners with StrataTargets – a multi-faceted, multichannel campaign designed to help you put the right message in front of the right people, at the right time and platform. Stop wasting time on platforms that aren’t reaching your potential customers, and start implementing marketing at touchpoints that acquire them.

Crafting Targeted Audiences

Who you target is just as important as how and where you reach them when it comes to marketing – but especially when it comes to effective multichannel marketing tactics. Our expertise in data enhancement and access to niche lists will help you reach your perfect prospects by:

  • Working with you to identify and source the perfect target audience
  • Enriching data with demographic, psychographic, and firmographic attributes
  • Filling gaps in your data to prepare for multichannel marketing communications
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Multichannel Campaigns Optimized in Real Time

Reach Them Wherever They Are with StrataTargets™

Most people consume information through various platforms and channels, and with our multichannel marketing strategy, StrataTargets, you can ensure your potential customers see the same consistent message on each one. Meet them where they are in their customer journey to entice them and help them get to know your company. We specialize in in the following marketing tactics:

  • Direct Mail
  • Digital Ads
  • Email
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Advanced Analysis and Reporting

A smart multichannel marketing plan doesn’t end when you hit “send”. That’s why we provide detailed reporting that allows you to dive deep into your multichannel results, adjust your strategy and make your future marketing efforts more effective. Since we know that one size does not fit all when it comes to multichannel campaign marketing, depending on your needs, our expert developers can provide:

  • Integrated data feeds to your existing CRM
  • Dashboard based reporting
  • Regularly scheduled push reports
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Our Specialties

Want to hit the ground running with effective multichannel marketing campaigns that reach the right people at the right time with a cohesive message? With proven response rates, our turnkey multichannel campaigns provide the perfect place to start. We have great campaigns to choose from and are always developing new ones based on our customer’s needs.



    The smartest way to introduce yourself to new neighborhood residents, SmartMove is a robust multi-channel, multi-touch, new mover marketing program that puts your brand in front of your target audience at exactly the right time, place, and platforms.

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  • SmartMove Lite

    An affordable way to build brand awareness with new movers, SmartMove Lite is a digital advertising program that helps build valuable relationships with your target audience quickly – and without breaking the bank.

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  • SmartMove for Grocers

    A multichannel marketing program that works to establish valuable relationships with new movers actively looking for the best services and creating their shopping habits.

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More Products & Services

Integrated MarCom Tech

Smart, cloud-based portals designed to help marketers overcome operational challenges involving their people, processes and content and keep their marketing communications consistent. Choose from our classic programs or we’ll help you create custom portals.

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Execution & Production

From direct mail and digital outreach to data management and real-time reporting, choose from a wide range of capabilities that will help you achieve your marketing objectives. We combine general production with campaign execution for a one, two punch that gives you great results.

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