A New Way to Making a Lasting Impression on New Movers

SmartMove – A Smarter Approach to New Mover Marketing

Connect with new residents in your neighborhood like never before and put your brand in front of the right niche audience at the right time. SmartMove is a robust, multichannel, multi-touch, new mover marketing program that helps you find the perfect time and place to reach your target audience, right as they move into your surrounding area. Reach this audience throughout their customer journey to build brand loyalty and trust and turn them into long-term, devoted customers. Our marketing professionals have years of new mover experience, and know the best tactics to catch the eyes (and allegiance) of those new to your community.

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Benefits of SmartMove

Make a Strong First Impression, First

SmartMove’s approach to new mover marketing isn’t just smart, it’s timely and results-driven. An intelligent combination of direct mail and display ads put you in front of new residents the moment they arrive in the neighborhood, providing you the opportunity to make a strong first impression before your competitors. Don’t miss out on these valuable potential customers looking for new places to trust and frequent as they unpack their boxes and settle in.

Build Vital (and Valuable) Relationships

With SmartMove, you won’t just make a strong first impression, you’ll make a lasting one. After the initial marketing outreach, follow up with impactful automated email workflows, direct mail marketing like dimensional mailers, display ads, or whatever vehicle best fits your needs. Multiple – and multichannel – consistent touches help you build brand affinity, and introduce respondents to related products and services. We’ll help you connect with these prospects along their customer journey to keep them in the know and keep your brand top of mind.

Get Intelligent, Actionable Insight

SmartMove uses a variety of vehicles to collect real-time responses on a one-to-one level. Armed with sophisticated proprietary technology, your responses are aggregated for advanced reporting and analysis, providing you the ability to make enhancements on the fly and increase your campaign’s ROI. We’ll make sure that your campaigns are effective, smart, and constantly improving with time.

What SmartMove Looks Like

We make smart happen in a somewhat effortless (for you) yet efficient process. Set your radius, remove same-zip-code movers, send your direct mail, serve display ads or send marketing emails, and convert new movers to clients. It’s that simple – and it’s that effective.

A Road Map for Reaching New Movers

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