Fake it till you make it!

Mauricio Robles

Front-End Engineer

Mauricio is a dynamic front-end engineer hailing from Mexico City. With a high-energy approach to both work and life, Mauricio thrives on engaging conversations and open-mindedness. Known for his willingness to lend a hand, he embodies empathy and approachability in all endeavors. Outside of coding, Mauricio finds joy in the company of his two dogs and enjoys playing music.

Fake it till you make it!

When Did You Join Strata?
If You Weren't So Good at Your Job, What Would You be Doing?
Who Are Your Favorite Musical Artists and/or Bands?
What Are Your Favorite TV Shows?
What's Your Secret Talent/Fun Fact?
What's One Thing that You Can't Live Without?

Bindery Associate

Mary Beth Lee

Digital Print Operator

Michael Flynn