My personal motto: Do what makes you excited.

Charley Myers

Business Administrator

Charles is the type of person that doesn’t sweat the small stuff – he’s a big picture type of guy. When he isn’t busy assisting with Strata’s business operations, you can find him living life as freely as possible and enjoying and learning as much as he possibly can. In his free time, he enjoys being with his dogs and practicing martial arts – which he’s been learning for the past few years.

My personal motto: Do what makes you excited.

When Did You Join Strata?
If You Weren't So Good at Your Job, What Would You be Doing?
Who Are Your Favorite Musical Artists and/or Bands?
What Are Your Favorite TV Shows?
What's Your Secret Talent/Fun Fact?
What's One Thing that You Can't Live Without?

Cutter Operator

Carl Shivick

Account Executive

Connor Logue