Local Marketing Empowerment. National Brand Compliance

Local Marketing Empowerment National Brand Compliance


A drug wholesaler with a network of 3,500 independently owned and operated stores operating under a single national brand.


The client needed a cost-effective, scalable way to support their growing member network of pharmacies and help them compete at the local level, while building and maintaining a national brand identity.


Strata developed a cloud-based Marketing Resource Management [MRM] solution that serves as a one-stop source for store owners to access ready-to-use marketing materials, customizable content and tools to help them promote their pharmacy. Corporate marketing has central control over all of the brand assets, and can add new collateral, dynamically change messaging and roll out new products to their network in moments.


Local pharmacies have increased market share via the unprecedented level of access and customization of products, information and messaging that helps differentiate them from the competition. Corporate marketing continues to attract new members, having grown brand awareness, enhanced the value of services they offer, and streamlined delivery of content to their member network.

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