Coordinated, Multi-location Marketing Execution

Coordinated Multi Location Marketing


A leading home health and hospice care company with a nationwide network of agencies responsible for staffing more than 600 locations.


Recruiters were spending too much administrative time planning, coordinating and seeking approval for campaigns, significantly limiting the time they could spend on core responsibilities.


Strata built a web-based Marketing Process Management application to automate the complex coordination of collateral materials and streamline mailing list processes. The system hosts a library of professionally designed, pre-approved collateral and includes tools for marketing campaign customization. Mailing lists are now centrally managed in the portal, which includes features for sourcing and scrubbing lists.


Recruiters now have an easy-to-use online tool for ordering, tracking and delivering attractive, high-quality materials to better support talent acquisition efforts. By streamlining and automating campaign execution, the system has reduced design and production costs by over $160,000 annually, and increased recruiter productivity by more than 15%.

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