Driving Sales Through High-Impact Dimensional Mail

Driving Sales Through High Impact Dimensional Mail


A leading provider of IT resilience services with 45 data and recovery locations worldwide.


The client needed an innovative way to drive sales growth by engaging high-value prospects. Sales leaders sought a high-impact, personal approach to distinguish their place in the market.


Strata created a multi-touch campaign, overseeing the design, manufacture, distribution, and precision tracking of dimensional mailers to 26,000 cold prospects across North America and the European Union. The campaign used an in-demand, high-value premium item as an incentive to schedule a meeting. PURLs (personalized URLs) were used for trackable, digital engagement, and led respondents to a custom-built landing page with a meeting request form and related content.


The campaign yielded 5,200 PURL responses – a 20% response rate – and generated 837 meeting requests, 277 sales-qualified leads, and $19.5 million in the sales pipeline.

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