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To Ditch the Envelope?

Envelopes are Down 15%, While Postcard Usage Increases

Between 2013 and 2021, we’ve been observing a trend of companies using less envelopes – an average of 15% less, to be exact, while postcard usage has steadily increased. “We’re seeing marketers changing how they campaign – with less pieces and copy,” along with less space to market. Furthermore, when it comes to word count, “over the last 20 years…direct mail copy has (shortened) by 62%“. This has meant shorter sentences, shorter and fewer paragraphs (if any), and less bullet points across both postcards and enveloped letters. What this has also meant? Marketers and businesses alike have learned to only use the information that customers want and need, not all the information. Plus, with the paper shortages we’ve suffered from in the past few years, why use more when you can use less?

Why Postcards?

Besides getting the same message across with fewer words and less paper, postcards are also much more cost effective than enveloped mail – especially in larger quantities. Why? Postcards weigh less. Even at a few cents less, when you’re printing and sending in the hundreds or thousands, a few cents per piece really adds up!

With postcards, recipients are also more likely to see your message, and see it right away. They don’t have to find an envelope cutter, risk a paper cut, or tear anything open. It’s all right there. Plus, carefully and well-crafted postcards will get to the point right away, give the viewer the information they want and need, and tell or show the viewer exactly what they want them to do (by way of a good call to action). Also, think about it – a postcard with exciting and enticing information among a sea of white envelopes can easily draw attention.

Postcards are also highly scannable. They’re easily embellished with a QR code or barcode that can lead to web pages, more information, deals, videos – you name it! They’re like mini, low-cost billboards, and are even more effective when they lead to fillable customer forms and/or premium giveaways.

We’re Not Writing Off Envelopes (…See What We Did There?)

Of course, there are times where a letter is the better option (for instance, to contact or write from more professional businesses or send important B2B mailings), and there are other times where a postcard is the better option (for first-time outreach, or to provide discounts, deals, and quick offers, just to name a few), but it’s always good to think before you send, either way. Make sure you know what and why you’re sending before choosing your medium.

Not sure which is best for your audience, or thinking about switching to sending high-quality, ROI-producing postcards? Contact the direct mail and digital marketing experts at Strata.

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