12 Days of Smart Marketing: Part 1

12.04.2019 Jeff Sammak
Smart Marketing

Marketing Tips to Help You Succeed in 2020

The holiday season is here, but smart marketers know the grind never really stops.

Enter our two-part series, “12 Days of Smart Marketing”.

In this series, we’ll discuss twelve smart marketing choices and tips that virtually guarantee continued success in the New Year.

Enough preface, let’s get straight to opening presents.

1. Utilize Marketing Automation

Pushing a to-do item like a social media post or email campaign blast to the back of the pile may not seem like a big deal at the moment, but ultimately, these types of mistakes can have a serious impact on your bottom line.

Luckily, there’s an easy solution — automation. Keep using it.

Not only does marketing automation allow you to tackle tedious day-to-day tasks in time-saving batches, but it also creates better data, particularly in the realm of social media (where timing is crucial). Using automated MarTech allows you to observe patterns like a data scientist by reducing the human variable of inconsistency.

The case for automation put simply – better data and greater efficiency means higher ROI.

2. Create Marketing Personas

Are you using personas? You should be.

Personas — the idea of using a fictitious customer profile to hone segmented messaging — are an increasingly popular marketing tool that yields dividends when reaching out to segmented audiences.

You can generate them through internal customer information to help you tailor messaging to your audience. You can also use outside research to develop a template of what a new audience might look like.

Personas are a powerful tool that helps solidify your branding and guide your sales team towards delivering consistent and resonating messages. The limits of their utility are the limits of your creativity.

3. Improve Your Database Quality

It wouldn’t be a New Year if it didn’t involve some housekeeping, and your database probably could use a cleanup. This is a chore, so we’ll keep it brief.

First, there’s plenty of MarTech that can make this process be less of a headache. Find what sort of data managers work for you and implement them, it’ll pay dividends in saved time.

Next, revisit your processes and see what has become obsolete or simply isn’t working. Now might also be a good time to conduct some basic training on data hygiene and its importance. Employees operating with a more complete understanding of the impacts of bad data and how to maintain a quality database will be a boon to your company’s efficiency.

Database cleaned up? Great, use it to its fullest.

4. Understand and Leverage the RIGHT MarTech

MarTech is not the place to be playing “keeping up with the Jones’”.

It’s important to do internal evaluations of your needs, considering the real-life obstacles you routinely encounter, to inform your MarTech purchases. Buying a MarTech product that only has limited application to your business or feeling the need to purchase a product simply because a competitor has success with it can be a tremendous waste of money.

5. Merge Print and Digital

If there’s one facet of marketing we love, it’s the merging of print and digital technologies to better resonate with the customer.

Delivering print with digital assets in the form of a dimensional mailer gives you the opportunity to stand out from the competition in big ways — whether it’s the visual and tactile impact of a box received in the mail or the many, many technological options you can include (everything from QR codes to pre-loaded videos), dimensional mailers equal impact.

Not only is a more immersive experience something the customer will appreciate but the opportunity it presents in streamlining direct outreach with digital assets, more efficiently moving customers down the sales funnel, is invaluable.

6. Listen to Your Customers

We recently outlined what makes a great listener and how important truly listening to your customers can be. Listening to customer feedback and looking to your customers as a primary source of critique is a sure-fire way to make constructive changes to your business.

Developing your relationship with your audience is never a bad thing, and thoughtful dialogue between business and customer is something that can ensure you develop these relationships again and again. More importantly, this type of relationship makes customers feel heard, and that level of acknowledgment is often what begins to shift an audience into a fanbase.

That’s it for Part 1! Stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll explore more marketing tactics to greet the New Year.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you make smart happen in 2020 contact us today.

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