Perfecting the Art of Client Acquisition

Client Acquisition

Utilizing a multitouch approach to connect with your top prospects

Take a moment and consider all of the tools you have at your disposal to connect with someone and perfect your client acquisition. Phones, text messaging, email, traditional mail, apps – the list goes on and on. So why does it seem like it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to actually connect with someone?

If you’re reading this, you can probably relate to this scenario. You’ve come across the right prospect for your product or service and you send an initial email making an introduction but on the other end all you hear is crickets. Rather than using all of the tools in your communication toolbox, you abandon the prospect just because he/she didn’t respond after your first attempt. Think of all of the missed opportunities.

But if you’re open to persistence, there’s a solution. Multiple touches make prospects feel special and you unforgettable. And in today’s increasingly crowded and competitive business environment they aren’t optional, they’re mandatory. Think about it – if you’re not actively connecting with them, someone else is.

So, how do you do this without being overbearing and for lack of a better word “pushy”?

Figuring Out the Magic Number

Surveys show that when it comes to products and services, 72% of consumers prefer an integrated, multitouch marketing approach. Think of this as starting with an email, followed up by a phone call, next an invitation to a webinar, and then a dimension mail swag box that links to a branded landing page. It may seem like a lot, but studies show that a typical customer accesses as many as 23 touch points before he/she is even ready to talk. Yes, TWENTY-THREE!

So, while timing between touches is key, don’t hold back when it comes to multiple touches. They may just be assessing your product and comparing it to your competitors.

However, keep in mind that the customer journey doesn’t stop after those initial touch points and the first conversation. As every good sales professional and marketer knows, after that first conversation it’s about presenting your value, engaging, nudging, closing, and then ultimately retaining. Try doing all of that with a one-touch and done approach – it’s impossible. And yet, there are still so many professionals using a single-touch approach.

This needs to change.

A Customized, Tailored Approach is Key

Every campaign, no matter the size, has influence, so consistency is key and an integrated, multitouch campaign can help. Each prospect that you’re trying to convert is different, meaning each campaign needs to be tailored accordingly. It’s important to take into account your messaging, what you’re sending, when you’re sending it, and how you’re following up. Put yourself in your prospects’ shoes and go from there.

Then, you can select touch points and channels that will have maximum impact, utilize resources and services that will help you execute on the highest levels, and track your ROI.

At the end of the day, it’s about using all of your marketing tools to take someone on a journey that’s compelling, authentic, and resonates.

Are you interested in utilizing a multitouch approach but unsure how to go about it? Contact us today to see how we can help you get started.

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