The Next Generation New Customer Acquisition Program

SmartMove – A Smarter Approach to Customer Acquisition

New movers offer a unique opportunity to drive new business for retailers and build brand loyalty. Be the first to reach out with enticing marketing and make a connection while they’re actively looking for the best services and creating their shopping habits.

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Benefits of SmartMove for Retail

Make a Strong First Impression, First

SmartMove’s approach to new mover retail marketing isn’t just smart, it’s timely. Our new mover marketing program combines direct mail and display ads to put your store in front of new residents the moment they arrive in the neighborhood, providing you the opportunity to make a strong first impression before the other retailers in your region. Easily become the store they choose with quick, timely, and consistent messaging. Fulfill one of their biggest needs – a new go-to store, as soon as they start unpacking.

Build Vital (and Valuable) Relationships

With SmartMove for Retail, you won’t just make a strong first impression to potential customers, you’ll make a lasting one. After the initial direct mail outreach filled with data-driven personalized coupons, follow up with targeted display ads, or whatever vehicle best fits your marketing needs and the buyer journey of your potential customers – when and where they are. A multi-touch program (and multichannel) can help you build brand affinity, and introduce respondents to your store’s personality and offerings. Quickly become the store that cares – that they know they can trust, enjoy, and frequent.

Get Intelligent, Actionable Insight

Our new mover marketing for retail stores solutions uses a variety of vehicles like QR codes, PURLs and coupons to collect real-time responses from your prospective customers on a one-to-one level. Each touchpoint provides opportunities to engage targets, strengthen brand recognition, and acquire new business intelligence, providing you the ability to make enhancements on the fly and improve your campaign’s ROI. Never miss a chance to alter and improve on your existing retail marketing efforts to get the most out of your marketing materials and spend.

What SmartMove For Retailers Looks Like

A Road Map for Reaching New Movers and Acquiring Store Customers

With SmartMove – a New Mover Retail Marketing Program – marketing to the right customers at the right time doesn’t have to be difficult. We’ve perfected a new mover marketing roadmap that will convert new residents in your area to new customers at your establishment. 

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