Martech 2020:

5 Rules for Managing Your Technology and Strategy

In 2020, Chief MarTech’s annual Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic listed more than 7,000 tools across 24 different categories. That is a staggering number of options that has as much potential to overwhelm the people using it as empower them. Where is the line between building a tech stack that enables your team to do great marketing and throwing a bunch of shiny things on top of each other until they just get in the way of clear strategy and effective multichannel marketing? How do you integrate offline and online marketing to engage customers in the real world when much of the tech stack is focused only on digital marketing?

Those are the questions we wanted to answer in our MarTech 2020 survey. In the responses, we found a real marketing landscape that makes a lot more sense than the out-of-control martech super graphics we’ve all seen…

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