Today’s Most Popular, Large-Scale Print Trends

Some New Large Format Ideas for Your 2023 Marketing Plans!

Strata believes (very much so) in the strength and effectiveness of smaller-sized advertising and marketing such as social and digital ads, email, direct mail, letters, and more. However, we also think that, sometimes, it pays to “go big or go home”. Today, we’re talking about large format printing. Here are 2023’s biggest (no pun intended) and most popular large-format printing trends. Side note – we offer many of these in-house!

When and Why You Should Use Large Format Printing

Although, like we said, smaller marketing materials and mediums are often very useful and effective, large scale can be the answer when it comes to getting attention and ensuring those passing by (whether that’s on the road, in the parking lot, in your store, or at an event) receive the message you’d like them to get. While you may be super familiar with the more recognizable and large-scale print tactics of billboards and bus wraps, that’s not where the possibilities end. Large scale printing can be used for branded, interior or exterior signage to “set the scene” and create an experience, can be displayed at events to draw attention to your offerings or booth, can be placed in front of your shop to bring customers in, pasted on your windows, hung on your walls and stuck onto your furniture…the list goes on.

Large-format print materials can do so many things and send just as many messages, from displaying your campaign or brand messaging to showcasing an offer, or simply catching viewer’s eyes with a thought-provoking graphic or image. And, with ever-changing print technology and possibilities, there are endless ways to set your company’s brand apart.

Still not sold on your company’s need to consider large-format print? If we haven’t convinced you yet, here’s one last reason for large print. These days, with the rise in hybrid working and the increase in employees staying at home, as well as a decrease in the customer’s willingness to enter establishments (they’d often rather online shop), expectations for in-office or in-building spaces are much higher. Bring them in-store or in-office with a bit of intriguing, interactive, thought-provoking, or maybe even just tranquil and safe large-scale design.

Some Top 2023 Large Format Trends

Wall Décor/Graphics

Many large format printers can print directly on a substrate, so large format prints are great for wall décor. Whether that material is adhesive, wallpaper, or signage, wall art can be used to tell a story, create an atmosphere, liven up a space, or express a brand message.

Die-Cuts and Unique Shapes

Large-scale printing already visually stands out compared to smaller formats, but what stands out even more is unique and unexpected cuts and shapes. If you’re thinking about printing a basic square or rectangle, explore taking the design a step further. Would it work better, or stand out more, if it were a circle? Triangle? Irregular shape? Would that shape further embody the message?

Floor Graphics

A very interesting and unique addition to any setting, floor graphics can help viewers move through a space, or simply add to their experience. Decals like this can make a great conversation piece. And, paired with elevated signage, make your message hard to miss!

Interactive Displays

Newly popular in the large-format world are interactive prints. These could include or be anything from games and experiences to signage that leads to other avenues, to installations that viewers interact with to reveal something hidden, and so on. The printing technology of today makes it easier than ever before to play with different elements, explore multi-sensory experiences, and create more immersive showcases. A good example of this? Adding a game-board at an event to showcase your offerings, educate your audience, and share your brand’s voice and personality – all in one!

Durable Outdoor Signage

Who knows what the weather will bring, and depending on where you live or where your business is located, sometimes it can be very hard to predict. With more and more materials and finishes appearing on the market, durable outdoor signage has become increasingly popular – whether it’s used to showcase products or simply house your store name.


Now and into the future, companies are becoming increasingly concerned about our environment, how we affect it, and what we can do to help it. So, printers and buyers of large-format printing need to stay cognizant of what they’re offering and provide options that range in their level of eco-consciousness. At Strata, we’re always striving to find new ways to conserve, reduce, and reuse, as well as supply options that have the world we live in, and its wellness, in mind. 

Additionally, there are other eco-friendly printing practices that printers can try to follow, such as using automated processes, when possible, quality data and reporting, and carbon data analysis. 

Interested in working with Strata on some of these large format projects? Feel free to reach out.

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