Modern Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Modern Direct Mail Marketing Tips

Technology and Data-driven Strategies in Modern Direct Mail Campaigns

Applying modern principles and a multi-channel approach for direct mail that drives measurable bottom line benefits

In today’s rapidly changing, technology-dependent environment, successful direct mail campaigns have to go beyond traditional print mailers, email blasts and isolated ads. A truly informed approach builds upon traditional analog elements, implementing more advanced data driven techniques and incorporating digital components.

There are a variety of modern and creative ways you can enhance traditional direct mail with digital elements to better target and engage customers. Implementing such methods allows for deeper insights gained through response tracking, analysis and measurement, and enhances your lead scoring efforts.

  1. Data:
    Utilize the information you have on your consumers at every point along your campaign. Start with clean mailing lists, and personalize each element you send. Go beyond basic profile information and look at all the data to truly customize your approach. Analyze user behavior, product preferences, location and life stages to create a highly personalized and interactive campaign, and significantly improve your response rates. Implement plans and processes for the management and optimization of additional data you acquire as a result of multichannel, integrated campaigns.
  2. Modern Mailers:
    Distinctive, highly personalized mail with customized offers and easy-to-use response mechanisms are still an effective way to connect with customers and prospects. But modern direct mail is not an isolated, print event. It’s a holistic, integrated communication strategy with multi-channel elements that take your target audience down a progressive path, engaging them further each step of the way. The fact is, direct mail remains competitive with digital methods, continuing to deliver 3.7% average response rates.
  3. Email:
    Email continues to be one of the most effective, and certainly cost-efficient, channels, but only if your message is relevant. Ensure your messaging is placed within the framework of a larger strategy and integrated with other campaign efforts. Enhance print pieces with corresponding emails that expand your message and continue to engage recipients. Linking direct mail to your marketing automation efforts is a value add tactic that can measurably improve response regardless of where the contact is in the buying process.
  4. Web:
    Incorporating digital elements like personalized landing pages not only increases the opportunity to inform consumers about your offering or products, it provides rich data you can use to further fine-tune your current and future campaigns. For new contacts, you’ll acquire data you may not have previously had. You can add these respondents to marketing workflows should they not have responded to other tactics, or where emails were not linked to landing pages or forms.
  5. Mobile:
    Consider adding mobile as an element in your direct mail campaign. Again, integration is the key: for example, combine direct mailers with personalized coupon offers and provide recipients with an easy way to redeem them via a mobile phone. Make it easy for them to request an additional 5% off, while also collecting their data without requiring too much information from them. Mobile can continue to be wrapped into the other channels used in the campaign; after completion of a landing page form, a next-step call to action and additional offer can prompt respondents to provide mobile information they may not have provided before.
  6. Marketing Resource Management (MRM):
    With the advent and explosion of technology options, there are a myriad of applications to help you streamline and synchronize your direct marketing efforts. One in particular is Marketing Resource Management software. By centrally managing your direct mailers, email templates and ads, you get a holistic view of all of the elements that can be utilized in a campaign. With all of the assets centrally stored it makes it easier for those executing the campaigns to expedite the process. MRM’s inherent ability to drive consistency and coordination makes this more effective approach to direct marketing highly attainable and efficient.


Direct mail continues to be an evolving and effective tool for everything from acquisition and engagement to loyalty and retention. Figuring out how to best incorporate modern digital elements to enhance your efforts is now a non-negotiable, rather than a nice-to-have. But it has to be done in an informed, strategic way. Top Marketing Performers go beyond the trends and find ways to maximize their data, utilize personalization and leverage multiples channels, including the latest technologies. The result are powerful direct mail-driven marketing programs that drive measurable response and contribute directly to your bottom line.

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