Secrets to a Successful Dimensional Mailer Campaign

Successful Dimensional Mailer Campaigns

Helpful Tips to Make Your Box Mailer Stand Out

Box mailers (also commonly referred to as box mailers or 3D mailers) can command high direct marketing response rates. With their bulk and size, they rise to the top of the mail pile.

Due to their nature, however, box mailers also come with a higher price tag. They’re typically used for efforts such as:

  • Small mailings to targets with decision-making power
  • Follow-up on “hot” leads and priority prospects
  • Converting prospects where a notable return can be expected

When executed correctly, three-dimensional mailers can communicate that your company – like the mailer itself – stands out and offers real value.

  1. Be Savvy to Boost ROI
  • Consider streamlining dimensions
    • The larger the mailer, the more expensive it will be.
    • Even a small bulky item will accomplish the mission of standing out, so going big might not up the impact enough to justify the extra cost.
  • Select a vendor who can guide you on mailing options.
    • Your print vendor should be able to advise you on batch size and package dimensions for optimal postal rates.
  1. Select your Premium Item Carefully
  • Consider audience demographics, including age, gender, and industry. What’s something they’ll actually use?
  • The item also should make sense within the context of the mailing, aligning with message, creative direction and end goals of your campaign.
  • Brand the item with your company’s logo and website.
  • Take it a step further and personalize it with the recipient’s name for extra staying power.
  1. Design and Message
  • Plan ahead so that your copy and design will work cohesively on the multiple pieces of your mailer. A three-dimensional mailer will typically include:
      • An outer box
      • Inside packaging
      • Any labels and/or outer sleeves used
      • Area around the premium item
      • Any inserts included, such as a postcard or business card
  • Work closely with your printer to ensure you have the correct dimensions for design purposes.
  • Go for minimal copy. Be personal – aim to tap into emotion, and connect with your targets.
  • Include a strong CTA.
      • Maybe it’s an offer you want them to take advantage of: a free consultation or trial. Or sign-up for an event or a mailing list.
      • Drive leads to a landing page, where you can track response.
      • Send recipients subsequent emails or direct mailings to follow up.

Next Steps

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