5 New Mover Segmented Email Campaign Strategies

New Mover Segmented Email Campaign Strategies

Email Marketing Tips to Nurture and Engage New Movers in Your Area

Automated email workflow campaigns, when used as a component of new mover marketing, have the potential to accelerate new-patient engagement. In fact, according to online publisher MediaPost, healthcare email drip campaigns may result in triple the engagement as compared to a traditional email blast.

What are some characteristics of an effective segmented email campaign for new movers?

  • Responsive to health needs, interests and preferences expressed via direct response vehicles such as direct mail or landing pages (PURLs).
  • Delivered at key points in the new mover’s quest for healthcare, beginning with a kick-off email sent immediately after opt-in is received.
  • Adjusted over time with insight from tracked responses.

Here are five strategies to nurture patient relationships through segmented email.

  1. Demonstrate You’re Tuned in To Needs and Interest
    You’ve sent a series of “Welcome” mailers introducing your healthcare organization. Now the responses have started flowing in, and you can begin segmenting your email lists according to areas of interest expressed in BRCs and eBRCs (typically in the form of personalized landing pages).The first communication must signal to recipients that future emails will be relevant and therefore of value. Segment respondents by relevant demographics and health interests, needs and conditions. Make a plan to develop tailored content. Create personas to guide copywriting of your segmented emails.
  2. Share Information on Available Health and Education Resources
    This can include relevant health education seminars, blog posts, newsletter articles, health tools and resources on your website. Include a short, personal message, and direct email recipients to links to the full content, or to sign-up forms in the case of educational programs.
  3. Promote Hospital Events
    Help new movers feel connected to your organization with personal invitations delivered to their inboxes. Health fairs, physician meet-and-greets, hospital foundation events, community events the hospital is sponsoring… promote these and any other events to the appropriate audience segment, and make newcomers feel like they’re part of the community fabric.
  4. Build Physician Affinity
    Show that your physicians are accessible by making it easy for new patients to get physician information, schedule appointments and obtain referrals. For example, perhaps you have a category of respondents who express interest in finding a primary care physician close to home. Send an email with nearby physician office locations, hours and contact information, and the option to schedule an appointment.
    Develop emails spotlighting physicians in service lines relevant to the patient subset. If physicians author blogs, highlight that fact and link out to them. These steps can all help build trust and affinity for your physician staff.
  5. Service Line Promotions
    Again, relevance is key. For example, develop an email that highlights your cardiovascular program for senior respondents; an email with information on pediatrics for young families.
    Do they have extensive healthcare needs right now – e.g., have they been newly diagnosed with a condition? Interested in intensive services like bariatrics? Seeking prenatal care? Develop email content tailored to service lines and the point of a patient’s journey with them.

Unlock the Potential of New Mover Marketing

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