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Multichannel Recruitment in Just Three Steps

96% of people are looking for new jobs this year. If you have open positions to fill, now, more than ever, is the time to connect with a robust job market to find top talent to fill your open positions.

Connect with this segment of the workforce at the right place, at the right time, with the right messaging, through multichannel marketing.

Multichannel Marketing – A Quick Refresh

Multichannel Marketing is one of Strata’s areas of expertise – it combines direct and indirect communication channels to allow you to reach all your clients, prospects, and customers with a multifaceted campaign. Whether your potential or current customer prefers direct mail, social media, brick and mortar stores, or digital ads, multichannel marketing meets the end user where they are and allows them to act on their choice channel.

Before You Begin

We’ve talked about it before, but strong, cohesive design – from your direct mail to your digital ads – can give your campaign credibility and memorability. And with talent acquisition campaigns, specifically, you’re not only attracting new talent, but also building brand awareness and optimizing your budget.

Keep these stats in mind:

Clearly identify your audience prior to creating your campaign. And, when creating, make sure your campaign has eye-catching, clean graphics. If you utilize direct mail or another print medium, your message should be concise and include a clear next step – whether that’s to apply through a link or scan a QR code to find open positions.

Keep in mind that about 67% of job-applicants view openings and submit their applications through mobile platforms, so your campaigns, even if they include a physical channel, should also appear across and be optimized for digital. Keep messages that appear on digital channels short and sweet, as well.

Regardless of medium, make sure your recruitment messaging and creative is designed to fit well within whatever channel it’s on for maximize impact.

Multichannel Recruitment in Three Steps

1. Collect your data

Identify where individuals in your field are searching for jobs. Determine which channels to invest in – whether they’re LinkedIn, Facebook, Indeed, or somewhere else, you’ll want to have data and knowledge behind where you put most of your efforts. For example, 80% of job searches happen online and 79% of job seekers use social media to find openings.

2. Craft Your Campaign to Each Specific Channel

While your goal remains the same across the board, tailoring your message to each specific channel is key.

  • Digital platforms can support a plethora of different messaging. For example, social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter should focus on content that’s short and digestible. Include a link to the open position with a message along the lines of, “Join our team!”.
  • On job boards like LinkedIn, Zip Recruiter, and Indeed, it’s more fitting to provide a little more detail. There, you can include the contact for the position and give more information about your company.
  • If you’re looking for referrals from existing employees, providing a toolkit with verbiage and imagery for them to share openings with their network(s) is a simple way to engage and include them in the process.
  • Your company website’s also a great way to connect with individuals. Utilizing a pop-up on your home screen or a specific landing page linked to other media, you’re not only able to accept applications, but can get a sense of which platforms are performing best.
  • For any email components, ensure your HR, recruitment, and/or marketing team has been provided with the proper verbiage, voice, and templates to ensure they’re connecting with candidates while also maintaining brand and campaign consistency. You’ll want to make sure what your candidates receive through email matches what they’re able to view through a quick online search, and fits in with the other campaign materials they may be viewing or receiving elsewhere.
  • It’s also important to factor in your print marketing efforts. Regardless of where a candidate may interact with your messaging, it helps to have cohesive branding across the board. Your print marketing touchpoints could be a billboard, wrapped benches and buses with interactive media, and flyers put up around town near your office location(s). All should be connected with your other touchpoints and should likely include a shortened URL or QR code to apply. Whether long-form or short-form, be sure to include an overview of the location of the job (with the city and state, and whether it’s remote, hybrid, or fully on-site), the benefits that come with the position, and a small portion discussing professional development.

3. Launch Your Campaign!

By running a multichannel recruitment campaign, you’re able to monitor the metrics and ROI through reporting tools, such as Google Analytics, your own proprietary technology, or software available on the platforms you’re using, such as LinkedIn Insights. With a combination of several job boards, your company’s website, emails, desktop and mobile advertising, social media, and more, you’re able to connect with a wide pool of job seekers. If you choose a marketing partner, like Strata, you’re able to better target your audience of job seekers with a highly targeted multichannel campaign – based on their goals, backgrounds, skillsets, and more. It’s also helpful to have a team of experts behind your campaign to support your efforts and land your company with the best possible talent out there.

Looking Ahead

With so many job openings and job seekers, it’s important to meet potential, qualified, and talented employees where they are, at the right time, with the right message, and to give them the opportunity to respond or apply when and where works best for them. Not sure where to start?  Connect with our experts today to get started with your multichannel recruitment campaign.

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