How to Streamline Direct Marketing Programs with MRM Systems

How to Streamline Direct Marketing Programs with MRM Systems

Optimize Local Marketing, Centrally Manage Content, Track Spend and Automate Workflow

From physical mail and email, to flyers and in-person sales, spending on marketing is expected to increase in 2016, as marketing consulting firm Winterberry Group predicts a 6.4% growth to $163.7 billion. Email marketing is considered the most effective digital marketing channel for customer retention in the United States, yielding a whopping average of 4,300% return on investment for businesses, according to More than 62% of the top performing organizations use marketing resource management (MRM) systems to elevate direct marketing programs, and streamline efforts to make them more efficient and cost-effective.

MRM systems allow marketing team members throughout an organization to have anywhere-access to the materials they need to better optimize marketing efforts. From spurring more personalized interactions, to responding more quickly to needs and changes in the market at a local level, here are some quick reasons why your business should utilize MRM platforms to improve direct marketing processes:

Optimize Local Direct Marketing Programs

For enterprises or mid-size business with multiple geographic locations, a marketing resource management system improves local efforts since marketing assets are contained in one centralized area. Successful local direct marketing relies on visuals and messaging that resonates with various target audiences, but it also needs to align with the corporate brand and strategies.

Varying types of direct marketing programs may also have more success locally versus on a larger scale. For example, direct mail is the preferred channel for receiving marketing from local retailers and banks, while email was preferred for events and competitions. Keeping assets for a variety of campaigns in a central location benefits both individual markets and the whole enterprise, which can learn from other markets. This creates an integrated, efficient process for enterprises juggling national and regional programs.

Centralize Brand Assets

For businesses with multiple locations in different geographic areas, and for corporations that have franchises, field sales, distributors or channel partners, MRM platforms allow your business to store approved, compliant digital assets and customizable, branded templates that can be used in direct marketing programs.

With the ability to set user permissions and view past creative for inspiration and guidance, marketing resource management ensures consistency among all branded materials including graphics, videos and copy.

Manage Workflow with MRM

Having cloud-based MRM systems enables streamlined production since content can be downloaded, customized, ordered and distributed in real time. Proofing and approvals can occur within the tool including getting feedback from management and monitoring version history.

Executing direct marketing programs can happen instantly, allowing stakeholders to take advantage of timely and localized events and better connect with prospects and current customers. As an added benefit, different permissions profiles allow for certain access and usage among different departments.

Maintain Brand Control and Compliance

Web-based brand management systems like MRM help ensure companies follow best practices, business rules and regulatory and legal requirements in their direct marketing programs. These solutions allow easy access for management to review materials as needed. Once assets are approved, they may be stored and accessed by users based on authorization.

Important brand guidelines may also be stored as resources in MRM systems, to save time on training a marketing team and ensure the creative team develops compliant content from the beginning of any project.

Track Direct Marketing Spend

Eliminate over-spending and misspending by tracking usage and orders more precisely with marketing resource management. MRM systems give businesses the ability to report on direct marketing programs spending, purchases made from direct marketing efforts, and return on investment from both work conducted and price discounts offered.

Businesses may use budget spending to derive analytics that allow them to refine the direct marketing strategies that are working and discontinue or improve others. Without accurate budget tracking provided by MRM systems, accurate analytics to improve processes are more difficult to obtain.

Scale Your Direct Marketing as You Grow

As your brand assets evolve and your company expands on marketing efforts, MRM allows for fluent scalability. Scalability is vital for organizations because it allows for:

  • Ability to adapt to changing strategy
  • Easy adoption as businesses change and grow
  • Agility to evolve with your customers
  • Expansion of new product offerings to existing customers
  • Capability of focusing on new targets and reaching new goals

Strata’s MRM platforms seamlessly evolve with your business, allowing you to retain historical data and add to your assets without the need for purchasing new marketing resource management software. Using customized technology to manage direct marketing programs makes rapid growth easier to prepare for and adjust to.

Improve your Direct Marketing Process

To evolve adroitly with the times, your company’s direct marketing programs should be driven by technology and create more personalized experiences with your target audience. MRM platforms allow your marketers to execute campaigns more quickly and easily, and with greater accuracy, leading to significantly more efficient direct marketing campaigns at a regional and national level.

Contact us to learn more about how Strata’s innovative marketing resource management solutions can help you.

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