How to Create (Grocer) Incentives that Resonate with New Movers and Boost Conversions

12.29.2022 Connor Logue

A Strata YouTube Channel Original

Throughout our last few blog posts (and their corresponding YouTube videos), we’ve gone over the basics of new mover marketing, along with how to approach a new mover campaign and the best channels and workflows to reach new movers in different industries. When it comes to new mover marketing, it’s important to remember that tactics and incentives differ not only for each industry – but are unique to your specific business, as well. In this blog, we’ll go over how those in the grocery industry can create incentives that resonate with new movers.

A Quick Review of New Mover Marketing

To give you a brief refresher, new mover marketing is a specific, niche marketing tactic that’s designed to reach new residents in your area. It’s one of the most effective ways to bring in new customers that have just recently entered your specific target market. When it comes to new movers, they’re nobody’s customer, yet – so it’s an effective tactic to make a good first impression at the same time they’re looking for your product or service.

The Benefits of Incentives

Incentives can sometimes be perceived as a waste of time and/or money, but in our opinion, that’s often not the case. Why? They allow you to build a connection with your potential customer and invite them to consider your establishment – and maybe even become a regular, loyal customer. You’re showing them that you care about them and their possible loyalty, while presenting all that your business has to offer. Incentives help build a positive company image in the minds of new movers. By giving them a free gift (or other incentive) at the start of your business-customer relationship, you’re very quickly helping the potential customer to see your establishment in a positive light, and creating a favorable association in their mind between the gift and your company. Additionally, using incentives helps with your ROI, since spending a little is likely to get you a lot back in return.

The First Rule of Incentives

The big question is – how do I use incentives to get people to buy from my business? The answer is simple…by being generous! While you may be swayed to take the more inexpensive route to save a few dollars, that mindset’s not what generates ROI. It’s always better to give a little more up front in order to show customers you care about them – not just their money. Customers want to feel seen, heard, and special, and if you can’t/don’t make them feel that way, they’ll take their business elsewhere. By being generous right off the bat, you’ll stand apart from – and very likely ahead of, other similar establishments (your competitors).

New movers are a great segment to target because they’re willing to spend a lot (on average, $9,700) in their first 6 months of new homeownership. This spending is a lot more than already established homeowners. New movers are putting out a lot of money in order to get their new home up and running, so if they receive a free gift, they’ll likely be truly appreciative. Plus, they’re more likely to remember you and your generosity and be more inclined to spend their time and money at your establishment down the road. We know that 80% of new residents redeem offers or “freebies”, so it’s definitely worth the time and money to reach out and offer a gift, discount code, percentage off, or rewards program sign-up. Remember, the end goal is to gain life-long, loyal customers who will keep coming back time and time again.

What’s Next?

Now that you know the benefits of incentives, and the first rule of thumb for grocery industry giveaways, learn a bit more by heading over to our YouTube channel. You’ll listen to Connor, a member of Strata’s Strategic Sales Team, as he gives more detail on effective grocery industry incentives. If you’re ready to take the first new mover marketing steps with Strata, contact us today.

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