FAQs with the Experts: Attribution

A Strata YouTube Original Series

Attribution is (or at least, should be) a vital part of your marketing. If you’re not sure where to start or are unsure how attribution works, we’re here to help out. Which is why we interviewed Harrison Sammak, Strata’s Director of R&D, to answer some of the most frequently asked attribution questions. Here’s a snippet out of the full YouTube video

What is attribution?

In the context of marketing, attribution refers to the concept of knowing what activities your marketing team performed that had a material effect on someone engaging with you or your company.

Why is attribution so important when it comes to sales and marketing?

The goal of marketing is to generate and spread awareness, inform relevant audiences of your product or service’s value, and create opportunities for those audience members to enter your sales funnel. Without attribution, you can’t be sure your marketing is doing these things effectively (or not doing these things).

What is the biggest challenge associated with attribution?

The biggest challenge facing marketers that holds them back from a truly strong and accurate attribution system, is when their MarTech or attribution model doesn’t support a channel, and consequently, they avoid using this channel for marketing efforts (when it could be very successful).

Head over to Strata’s YouTube channel to watch the rest of the video and – hopefully, get all your attribution questions answered.

Harrison also answers:

  • How do you solve for these challenges?
  • What does attribution done right look like?

Click the image below to view the full video!

If you have any additional questions, want to learn more about attribution, or are looking to elevate and better understand your marketing, contact our team today. Our experts are ready to help you make smart happen.

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