Eliminate Communication Traffic Jams: 5 Ways to Reduce Bottlenecks that Slow Your Business

Eliminate Communication Traffic Jams

Common Business Bottlenecks That Slow Your Growth To Success

If you find yourself constantly facing roadblocks that hold your business back, you’re not alone. Common bottlenecks related to complex processes, missed deadlines, and overextended marketing and IT departments threaten productivity and delay time to market.

Here are 5 ways to clear those bottlenecks to drive efficiency and free up resources.

  1. Identify Manual Tasks That Could Be Automated
    By automating and streamlining small, repetitive tasks, businesses can realize greater gains in efficiency and productivity. For example, marketing departments can automate processes related to general fulfillment or campaign execution.Customer correspondence is another area traditionally overrun by manual tasks, such as preparation of data and other files. This not only consumes disproportionate time and resources, it also can expose organizations in regulated sectors (e.g., healthcare, finance) to costly compliance violations.Customer communications software can dramatically reduce error related to manual involvement by immediately capturing and transforming data into seamless communications output across multiple channels, including mail, email and fax.
  2. Tame Out-of-Control Approval Workflows
    Email chains that stretch on and on… clunky attachments with conflicting feedback… reviewers who chronically miss deadlines… last minute-changes. It’s no wonder that by the time you secure sign-off, the project already seems out of date. Marketing workflow automation solutions can unjam the approval backlog. Users can access content within a cloud-based tool, and administrators can program workflow controls with automated alerts to notify reviewers that action is required.
  3. Provide Centralized Access to Marketing Content
    How many hours per week do your employees spend searching for marketing assets? Chances are, the answer is “too many” if content is stored in multiple drives across multiple departments.On the other hand, a centralized, cloud-based library gives users near-instant access to a searchable catalog of digital marketing assets. Well-designed marketing resource management platforms feature such libraries, as well as enabling smarter campaign execution with list management, tracking and reporting capabilities.
  4. Create Relevant Content Faster with Compliant, Customizable Templates
    Do marketing employees spend valuable time re-creating materials for sales reps or local marketers? This has the unfortunate effect of wasting time and opportunities. Marketing staff time is sacrificed, and meanwhile, the sales cycle stalls out during the waiting period – or reps proceed with rogue content that’s at risk of being irrelevant or off-brand.Dynamic templates created by corporate teams allow users to customize to their needs, while ensuring brand standards aren’t compromised and marketing staff time isn’t tied up. This provides the added benefit of aligning marketing and sales teams. Self-service access to customizable marketing collateral and sales presentations helps ensure instant follow-up on hot leads with up-to-date, approved information.

    Or, for example, local marketing affiliates can more quickly execute a campaign tailored to regional audiences (but that preserves the national-level brand and messaging) by accessing corporate-approved templates and then customizing them on-site using local data.

  5. Improve Communication between Corporate and Local Marketing
    Often, lagging communication between local and central marketing causes stagnation and lost opportunities. First things first: Keep regional marketers informed of top-level goals and how they can support the initiatives.Also, consider adopting local marketing automation (LMA) to streamline local-level campaigns. LMA solutions help corporate and local teams stay in synch with real-time access to customizable campaign collateral. They also relieve the burden on corporate to constantly re-create materials for regional locations.

Need Additional Guidance?

If these communication snarls sound familiar, but you’re wondering how to start untangling them, you’ll find a collaborative partner in Strata Company. For more than 20 years, we’ve helped clients identify gaps and redundancies that slow business operations. Through custom solutions as well as off-the-shelf software, we help our clients improve the speed and efficiency of business. Contact us to learn more.

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