Dimensional Mail: Four Criteria for the Perfect Promotional Item

Dimensional Mail Promotional Items

How to increase the effectiveness of your next dimensional mail campaign

In the world of direct mail marketing, dimensional mail has become the unrivaled king.

A well strategized and executed dimensional mail campaign has the ability to yield consistently high ROI and for your money — figuratively and literally — there’s almost nothing better.


There’s one exception — dimensional mail including a promotional item.

Sure, including a promotional item in your next dimensional mail campaign will be an additional investment, but it’s an investment worthy of your careful consideration.

If you’re like many, you may be having trouble choosing the right promotional item for your next dimensional mail campaign.

Where plenty of marketing is purely data-driven, selecting a promotional item is as much an art as it is a science. The best promotional items not only demonstrate your thoughtfulness, but also showcase your ability to understand your recipients.

We’ve got you covered. Here are our four criteria for picking the perfect promotional Item.

1. Is it Useful?

Make sure your promotional item is genuinely useful.

You have an intimate knowledge of your audience, and when it comes to selecting a promotional item, that’s an invaluable asset. Use it to choose an item that won’t just become clutter.

Remember: A frequently used promotional item will make your business an equally frequent thought.

2. Is it Personal?

Many direct marketing efforts are based on a macro approach — cast a wide net and see what hits. Dimensional mail typically takes a micro approach to marketing, and its primary strength comes from intense personalization.

Skip the generic and use your market research. Don’t be afraid to go niche when choosing promotional items for a highly segmented audience.

3. Is it Shareable?

When people hear “sharable” we immediately jump to other words like “viral”, but in this case, we’re not talking about social media — we’re talking on a significantly smaller, but perhaps more meaningful scale.

A good promotional item may make its rounds within the office, as well as between friends and family. This not only gives you the chance to make an impression on your recipients, but their circles as well.

Given the types of people generally targeted in high-value dimensional mail campaigns — think B2B buyers and executive teams — this word of mouth marketing could manifest itself in surprisingly big ways.

4. Can it be Shipped Easily?

This is perhaps the most obvious point on our checklist, so we’ll spare you most of the details, just make sure whatever promotional item you choose is light, not oversized, and isn’t a perishable food item. That said, if you’re willing to invest in extra shipping costs, have at it.

The good news is this: Choosing the right promotional item isn’t that difficult. If you’ve made it this far into a dimensional mail campaign, chances are your audience is already highly segmented. Couple that with our four-point checklist and choosing the perfect promotional item couldn’t be easier.

Want to know more about dimensional mail campaigns and other direct mail best practices? Contact us to learn more.

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