Best Practices for Designing Multichannel Campaign Creative

A Strata YouTube Channel Original

Figuring out the right design and message for your multichannel campaign can be time consuming and difficult to do without a proper plan. Thankfully, in our most recent YouTube video of our Multichannel Marketing series, we go over the best practices for making sure you create, write, and design effectively, and with purpose.

The key starting point, before you dive into developing creative and copy, is to make sure you clearly identify your audience. You’ll want to ensure you have a deep understanding of who they are and how they think. Once you have researched, compiled data, and considered all of the ways you can meet your audience, it’s time to design.

Direct Mail

Starting with direct mail – here are a few important things to keep in mind. First, economize your words. The best direct mail uses clear and concise points that are on-target and on-brand. Next, prioritize graphics. Clean, attractive graphics can convey complex information while cutting down on copy. And lastly, consider the end product. Remember to carefully choose format, envelope, finish, feel – all of that good stuff, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box (or in this case, the envelope).

Digital Ads

Now on to digital ads. When you’re creating these ads, remember to use eye-catching call-to-actions (or “CTAs”, for short). They’re the single-most important thing on your ad, and a simple button can usually get the job done. Also, we’d recommend designing with a mobile-first perspective since 70% of all ads are shown in that format. From there, scale up to other sizes for desktops & laptops. Finally, similar to direct mail, keep it short and sweet. There are no strict limits, but a general rule of thumb is that less is more when it comes to copy. Try to mirror your favorite billboard ad – short headlines that can be absorbed in just 1-2 seconds.

To see what other tips and tricks we have for designing your multichannel marketing creative and copy, click on the video below. You’ll hear our Marketing Manager, Caitlin, go through the best practices for email marketing. Or, if you’d like to discuss this concept with one of our multichannel experts, contact us today to get your next (or maybe even your first) multichannel campaign started.

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