And How Can Digital Enhance Them?

In our last blog on large format printing, we went over the top current large-scale print trends. Today, we’re diving a bit deeper, and giving you our knowledge on large-format print options (from poster board to metal) and explaining how digital aspects can enhance them.

The Variety of Large-Format Print Options

There is virtually an unending list of products, finishes, and printers when it comes to large format printing. This means a ton of options (which can seem overwhelming) but also a lot more room for creativity, more ways to think outside of the box and stand out, more options for meeting your goals, more levels of weather durability, and a wider range of budget possibilities. It’s important to think through your business’ needs, wants, and goals when it comes to large-format printing. What size will work best to catch your audience’s attention? What material will be both budget-friendly and effective? Where will be best to use large format prints?

While this is the exciting part of large format printing, it can also be the most daunting. So, it’s always helpful to work with a marketing team or partner to plan ahead and choose wisely. Since there are so many options out there, today we’ll give you a brief understanding of the ones we know well and provide often to enhance the marketing of our very own clients.

Options Strata Provides

Strata uses our HP Latex R2000 printer to create the following large format materials, although our services are never limited and always expanding:

  • Decals
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Indoor Signage
  • Outdoor Signage
  • Menus
  • Commercial Signage
  • Seasonal Signage
  • Stationary Signage
  • & More

And we primarily offer them in the following finishes and materials:

  • Vinyl
  • Semigloss Poster Stock
  • Corrugated Plastic
  • Foamboard
  • Ultraboard
  • Coloplast
  • PVC Board Stock
  • Metal
  • Adhesives

Like we said before, it’s always important to know and understand your needs and audience before deciding on a printer, print format, print materials, and finish. Even the little details matter when you go big!

How and Why You Should Pair Large Print with Digital

Wide-format printing can bridge the gap between the digital and physical. How? There are several ways – but here are just a few. The first, which you may be familiar with, is to include digital aspects on your materials, such as social media icons and usernames and URLs. The second, recently emerging digital touch, is the QR code. These are great for leading people to digital touchpoints from your signage – whether that’s to a website, form, menu, or another avenue. We believe that the more your customer can interact with your large-scale signage, the better.

Interested in exploring Strata’s large format services? Feel free to reach out.

Key Takeaways from SHSMD Connections 2022

Back at it Again!

It was great to see everyone at SHSMD 2022 in National Harbor, MD! With our new, brightly lit and eye-catching booth backdrop, we were able to meet new contacts – as well as catch up with current clients! The light and inviting atmosphere of our booth made it a great space to discuss marketing goals and showcase some of what we do here at Strata.

With SHSMD 2022 wrapped up, we’re excited to see how our connections grow, and how we can continue to help healthcare marketers and others with offerings beyond just new mover marketing. Whether it’s patient acquisition, talent acquisition, or promoting your service lines – we’re here to take your marketing to the next level. With that said, here are a few of our key takeaways in case you missed the show or didn’t get to stop by our booth this year.

Mark Frisina, Connor Logue, Priscilla Williams, and Rob Krischker

The Conference in Review

At the beginning of the show, the team first joined other SHSMD attendees at Monday morning’s keynote — delivered by Suneel Gupta, a bestselling author, host of an American Express docuseries and podcast, and Visiting Scholar at Harvard Medical School. He spoke on the importance of long-term successes coming from short-term embarrassment, and explained that by gathering people who will challenge, encourage, work alongside and coach you, you’re becoming “backable.” He also emphasized that putting yourself out there only helps you get better at what you do – and that it’s important to be “backed” by the team you’ve assembled.

From there, the team moved to breakout rooms to learn a bit more about the needs and challenges that healthcare marketers currently face. We attended sessions surrounding digital and AI learning, nursing acquisition and retention, media buying innovations, and more.

A big topic was the idea that – as we’re continuing to traverse the digital age, it’s important that healthcare providers meet their potential patients and talent where they are. Whether someone is looking for an urgent care center, a primary care provider, or employment, the goal is to remain end-user focused. When marketing healthcare services to people in your area, it’s vital (no pun intended) to utilize demographic and psychographic data for the targeted population that your healthcare center serves. Because of this idea and the rise of ethical marketing, we’re seeing just how tactful marketing campaigns – both print and digital – need to be in order to be successful and worthwhile. Strata is well versed in this notion, and the atmosphere and chatter at SHSMD 2022 simply reiterated and expanded upon what we know to be true. Whether you need marketing that will facilitate patient acquisition, talent acquisition, or service line promotion, we’re here to make smart happen. We can help streamline your marketing to reach the talent you need and the customers you want. Right where they are.

Some Final Thoughts

Last but not least – the conference reinforced the importance of good design to reach and engage your target audience! We’re glad that, here at Strata, personalized, eye-catching campaigns are right up our alley – and we have the experience and design talent to make them happen. Using demographic and psychographic data, as well as eye-catching imagery and layout, we create compelling pieces of print, direct and digital mail that follow branding specific to our clients and incorporate unique touches that help your system stand out among competitors.

Didn’t get to discuss your healthcare needs with us at SHSMD 2022? No worries. We’re happy to have a quick chat or set up a call. Contact us today!