4 Digital Strategy Tips to Amplify Your New Mover Campaigns

Digital Strategy Tips to Amplify New Mover Campaigns

Stay Top of Mind with New Movers with a Multichannel Approach

New movers are a direct marketer’s dream. New mover campaigns are notable revenue drivers for customer acquisition strategies, because new movers are spending money to get established in their new home. They’re open to testing out new service providers, and receptive to money-saving offers.

However, it seems that new movers are every direct marketer’s dream, which means their mailboxes aren’t empty for long. Today’s successful new mover marketing campaigns capitalize on a multichannel approach that wraps in digital components to stay top of mind with targets.

A compelling, stand-out direct mailer is still essential, but it’s time to think outside the (mail)box. Here are some tips on integrating digital components for a holistic, multichannel approach that can help your new mover marketing capture attention, increase response and nurture lifelong customers.

  1. PURLs and Landing Pages
    • Include a personal URL (PURL) on direct mailers to make it as easy as possible for targets to respond to offers.
    • Since PURLs link to a landing page, recipients can respond according to the campaign objective. They can opt in to an email list, access special offers (e.g., free service estimate), download valuable information, complete a form to receive a premium item, or other action.
  2. Follow Up with Segmented Email Outreach
    • Email reminds new movers about your products and services. This will help you learn more about their interests and preferences so that you can continuously tailor communications.
    • Send customized content to collected email addresses once direct mail responses start flowing in.
    • Personalize content and offers according to data you’ve gathered through your response vehicles.
  3. Targeted Digital Ads
    • Invest in technology that allows marketers to serve up digital ads. The ads can be matched to specific household IP addresses. You may also want to consider partnering with a vendor that specializes in this area. Consider the potential benefits:
      • Placing digital ads in front of the customer before and after your direct mail drops builds awareness and has been shown to increase response rates.
      • Digital ad services usually have built-in tracking capabilities that allow you to see what’s working – or what isn’t – and adjust accordingly.
  4. Go Mobile
    • Include QR codes that direct mail recipients can scan for immediate access to coupons and other offers.
    • Mobile coupons provide a level of convenience that busy (and often overwhelmed) new movers will appreciate.
    • Optimize customer emails for the mobile environment.

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