8 Effective New Mover Marketing Secrets

New Mover Marketing Secrets

8 Simple Secrets to an Effective New Mover Marketing Campaign

Unpacking New Mover Marketing Opportunities

It’s no secret. New Movers provide Great Opportunities. One in five households in a given neighborhood are new residents. They’ve left the comfort and efficiency of their old routines and now are facing uncharted territory (literally). They have to establish new patterns, identify and test out new local services, and start building their new lives and network of resources. In this article we unpack 8 new mover marketing tactics that will help you capture their attention from day 1, and begin building brand loyalty that can last a lifetime.

Establish Your Brand as the Preferred Local Choice

It’s an exciting time. It’s all fresh and new. It’s an expensive time. New movers spend heavily as they set up their new homes. As a marketer, you are uniquely positioned to help make this process smoother for them, while also profitable for your business. In fact, some businesses craft promotions specifically geared toward new movers.

But it’s also a tentative time, in which they must find their new favorites – the new “reliables” they’ll turn to for the goods and services they need on a daily basis. They’re actively seeking stability; to establish the patterns and connections they lost by moving out of the routines they lived in their old neighborhoods. They have a lot of information to gather… but they’re open; they’re creating new shopping and buying habits and the time is ripe for your business to generate awareness, build your brand presence, and make a connection. Take for instance, Home Depot’s approach. They’ve developed a trove of information to help new movers settle in, establishing themselves as a go-to resource, so when those movers are buying gallons of paint and all of those new home essentials, they are more apt to consider Home Depot over a competitor who may not have developed a robust strategy that speaks directly to them.

So, what are other ways to market to new movers? Chances are, the decision to select the neighborhood they’ve chosen has to do with access to amenities they already have identified as important to them: schools, banks, supermarkets. Proximity plays a big role, so choose your demographic accordingly. But there’s much more to marketing to new residents than buying a list of zip codes and sending out a flier.

The Tried and True Channel That Moves Movers to Act

That’s not a dig on direct mail – on the contrary. Done correctly, direct mail is a powerful driver for everything from engagement to acquisition, and to this day it continues to produce strong results. And, if you’re tempted to bypass ‘snail mail’ for an all-digital campaign, keep in mind that according to statistics reported in Direct Mail News, average response rates for direct mail can be up to 40 times higher than email blasts. Which makes even more sense for new homeowners whose mailboxes are still relatively empty, so something eye-catching and valuable has the best chance to end up in their hands. Be first in their mailbox with a friendly “Welcome to the Neighborhood” greeting. By being there immediately, you stand out from the competition and help ensure Yelp is not their only resource.

8 Housewarming Tricks to New Mover Marketing

  1. Start At The Beginning
    Identify clearly, or revisit and validate, your objectives and strategy. Refine your message as needed, and connect audience, message and components to your agenda.
  2. Target Your Target
    Spend the time and money up front to identify the correct new movers for your service. For example, if you’re a hospital or health system marketer focused on connecting new patients with pediatricians in your network, families more so than single adults may be a more targeted approach to consider. The return on investment is worth the extra effort up front, to gain a potentially lifelong patient or customer.
  3. Target Your Data
    It can be worth your while to partner with a direct marketing company who specializes in building the best new mover list for your target audience and strategy. It’s a quality vs. quantity approach; data-driven marketing can pay off exponentially, vs. “shots in the dark” across a less defined audience.
  4. Target Your Message
    Take the time to carefully craft a campaign that will resonate with your audience. For example, a local restaurant could offer new movers a discount on a deal tailored to those who want a break from unpacking boxes. If you’re targeting a family, you could specifically reference kid-friendly menu options.
  5. Be Generous
    New movers are spending heavily – statistics suggest anywhere from two to five times as much is spent by new movers in the first months of residency than established residents spend over the course of a year. Study results showed that 80% of new residents gratefully redeem gift certificates from local vendors. Offer $50 off free groceries, or 5% off of a medicine-cabinet or other home-stocking trip to your pharmacy.
  6. Establish Trust
    New movers are changing everything. They have severed routines and relationships from a network they leaned on and trusted. Convey compassion and offer stability in an accessible and trustworthy way. For example, the local branch of a bank might talk about special savings and checking accounts with low introductory minimums or ATM fees; a pharmacy might focus on personal touches and connections with clients.
  7. Stay Top Of Mind
    You won’t be the only business trying to entice them to make these kinds of connections. So reach out more than once. Response rates for single touch direct mail campaigns tend to yield an industry standard of 1-2% but we have found with a second, highly targeted touch – particularly for our healthcare new mover marketing campaigns – clients have enjoyed response rates up to 5-6%.
  8. Measure and Optimize
    Use your data, not only to carefully select your target new mover audience, but to glean insights from your audiences’ responses to refine future campaigns. For example, if a particular demographic responds best to “Buy One, Get One” offers rather than “Percent Off,” you can utilize this to streamline efforts going forward and serve up exactly what they want.

If you’re looking for quick, effective ways to raise awareness and acquire new customers, a New Mover marketing campaign offers great opportunity. At Strata, we specialize in data-driven, ominchannel marketing campaigns that produce some of the highest response rates in the industry and deliver quick wins for leading marketers in healthcare, grocery, restaurants and similar industries with strong ties to their community.

Contact us to learn how our direct marketing team can help you generate new traffic, build long-term customer relationships and accelerate revenue.

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