4 Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Customer Acquisition

Direct Mail Marketing Tips for Customer Acquisition

Life Event Marketing Is Prime for Reaching New Customers

Research from the Direct Marketing Association’s attitudinal print tracking report found 79% of consumers will act on direct mail immediately, compared to only 45% of consumers who tend to email right away. For consumers in life-changing events who are looking for products or services you can help them with, direct mail marketing offers a substantial opportunity to turn prospects into loyal customers.

Even if you’re already running a direct mail marketing campaign, or a few, there are new audiences to target that can better increase your brand’s direct mail effectiveness. If you’re wondering how to use direct mail marketing to reach audiences that need your product the most, use the following tips.

  1. Know Your Audience
    Create customer personas to imagine the lives of your customers and how your product fits in. Identify what has brought them to their current situation, what their immediate needs are, and how you anticipate they’ll grow in the future. Imagine their typical days, weeks, months and years, and pinpoint times your product or service is a solution they’ll need.

    Look at your current customer base for clues, including web visitors and online shopper demographics. Think about life events they and their families may experience, and make those times for using direct mail marketing campaigns that relate to their personal situations.

  2. Target Your Ideal Customers
    Cultivating and organizing direct mail lists is essential to segmenting recipients for specific promotions and for saving your business time and money in direct mail campaign creation and execution. Starting in-house can be valuable but time-consuming, so explore options with reputable providers of consumer or business mailing lists.

    It’s vital to space out campaigns so that your business is not bombarding residents with marketing messages. It’s also crucial to comply with standards set forth by the United States Postal System. Get organized with a direct mail schedule that coincides with meaningful events in your target recipients’ lives.

  3. Create Highly Personalized Mailers
    Your mailer will be less likely to get tossed in the trash the more personal it is to the receiver. A 2013 study by HubSpot found targeted calls-to-action resulted in 42% more leads than those that were not targeted. The call-to-action isn’t the only place you can inject a personal touch. Make the mailer personal in the greeting (use “Dear John,” instead of “Dear resident”), and make it personal in the content. If you have a brick and mortar location, provide them with a map that shows where the closest store or office is located, and include helpful information like a phone number and hours of operation.

    Now that you have your lists of the people you want to target, think about how you can convey that your product is ideal for your recipients at this time. Some examples include:

    • If you’re a bank, you could reach out to college graduates with offers for starting financial savings and reducing debt. For couples who have just had a baby, send them information on how to start saving for education.
    • Getting married is a significant life change, and newlyweds are prime customers for a wide variety of businesses. Send couples “congratulations” coupons with offers that relate to married life. Home improvement stores can send them offers to help them get settled in their nest.
    • Doctors and healthcare providers can target everyone from expanding families, to aging adults, to people who have just moved to the neighborhood and need a new physician.
    • Retirees may be looking for services ranging from community homes to travel deals.
    • New movers will appreciate food delivery coupons welcoming them to their new home or an offer for their nearest gym.

    The more relevant the message, the more likely it will be memorable. Use direct mail marketing to relate solutions to different times in a client’s life. Map out a customer life-cycle journey so you can plan targeted direct mailers as they age. Use the actions they take on initial mailers to follow up with customized offers.

  4. Test the Target Audience to Refine Campaigns
    Testing a smaller market before going big can help determine the right mailer size, design, copywriting, graphics, and more. Create measurable objectives, and change your strategy if those aren’t met with your test group. Use A/B testing on small samples to gauge response, then adapt for larger audiences.

    Integrate the direct mail campaign into your entire marketing ecosystem to give it more momentum. For customers who don’t respond, don’t simply ignore them in future campaigns. Think about how to better target them with more relevant messages in the future.

    Want more direct mail marketing tips from professionals who learn your product inside and out to identify effective customer acquisition opportunities? Strata uses data to power compelling creative initiatives, then track responses for analysis to ensure continual optimal performance and give insight into better future marketing activities. Contact us for information on making your direct mail efforts personalized and more effective.

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