2023 Industry Trends

01.19.2023 Caitlin Lally

To Keep an Eye On

2022 was quite a year – and the changes it had on the marketing industry have not gone unnoticed. We’re finally (at least somewhat) out of the pandemic and back to (mostly) normal life, so some post-pandemic trends have stayed, some have shifted, and some new trends have been on the rise. For 2023, there are quite a few forecasted marketing trends that we’ll be keeping an eye on, and that you should look out for, too. We’ve compiled this shortlist of upcoming print and digital marketing trends so that you don’t have to go searching.

Agile Marketing

As the word sounds, agile marketing is a form of marketing that’s not set in stone. It ebbs and flows as needed – as new things are learned, customers change, and goals adapt. Agile marketing has a lot of benefits. Providing flexibility in your campaign allows for a sharper focus on the customer and what they want and need in real time. With additional breathing room, you can ensure your decisions are data-driven and impactful. Adjustments become a collaborative process with your team(s) to ensure there’s a true understanding of what’s really going on and track the metrics of how your campaign is performing. With the constant increase in competition and the need for customer-focused marketing, this one is sure to not only boost in popularity but become a necessary tactic.

Influencer Relationships

We’ve seen the rise of influencer marketing for quite a few years now —but we’ll see it continue to grow in 2023. 93% of marketing professionals utilize influencer marketing to build trust, increase brand awareness, drive conversions, reach a target audience, generate new leads, set trends, and connect to a wider market. The latest change in influencer marketing is that brands want to make their influencer’s connection to (and their engagement with) the brand more organic, more so now due to regulations on disclaimers, endorsements, and sponsorships. We’re seeing influencer marketing evolve from simple things, like unboxing videos and product placement, to larger scale relationships, part ownership contracts, and brand ambassadorships. However, this also puts heavier weight on the alignment of who that celebrity is and the brand itself. As people get more and more used to seeing celebrities – widely known or on the rise, showcasing their use of particular products, new and more trustworthy ways of influencer marketing will need to be explored.

More Live & Recorded Video Content

Globally, people consume around 84 minutes of video per day. With that in mind, videos, live or recorded — will be even more trend-setting and valuable this year. Videos “…should jump straight into the action. With only 10 to 60 seconds of available ad time, there’s no need to set up a premise or establish a storyline with lots of extra context.” Shorter video means that you don’t have to hire a production team or a marketing agency. You can learn how to utilize a smartphone, some affordable editing software, and give it a go. Research done by Cisco “found that video accounts for 82% of all online traffic. Videos are 53x more likely to generate first page SERP rankings than other SEO tactics. Today, 84% of consumers have been convinced to purchase a product after watching a video.”

Social Responsibility & Inclusivity

More now than ever, consumers are picky about what brands they buy from and work with (for several reasons – some of them being market saturation, an abundance of choice, and the expansion of digital marketing). So, it’s more important than (possibly ever) before and becomes increasingly important to have a voice — from social responsibility to inclusivity, and all that lies between. Ensure that your company has clear and powerful values, a solid mission statement, and isn’t afraid to speak on those that are important to them, because “66% of consumers are willing to pay more for goods from brands that demonstrate social commitment.” Communicating these values and opinions allows customers to connect with not just your product, but your brand and the humans behind it, too.

Consumer Privacy

Cyber-crime is on the rise, and many of us are a bit worried about our data and privacy. In 2023 and beyond, companies need to ensure that those they’re working with feel comfortable and secure. Build trust with your customers through increased security measures because “…increased data security allows customers to sign up for services, demos, white papers, etc., without worrying about data leaks or identity theft.” Customers are trusting you to protect the data they provide to you and want to feel comfortable with how it’s being utilized. That being said, this need for security is going to require your business to “…create alternative strategies and pivot plans in case (it) lose(s) access to crucial data points.” But don’t worry — Google won’t be doing away with third-party cookies on Chrome until 2024, so, there’s still time to prepare and explore alternative data and targeting solutions. This year, you can also expect an increase in form building. The goal is to gather “intel through various practices,” and form building is at the top of the list. 43% of those who experience bad privacy management will switch to another brand, so while you may not always associate it with marketing techniques, consumer privacy is something your marketing team or partner, and your team, should plan to stay ahead of.

Partner Approach

Brands will be looking to streamline and consolidate partnerships – so they’ll be more likely to work with just one-two marketing partners rather than a plethora. Along those lines, customers continue to want (maybe now more than ever) real data behind their marketing successes. What does that mean for us here at Strata? We’re expanding our services while ensuring that we’re still honing in on what we do best. We know it’s important that, if you do keep us on or choose to partner with us, we provide value and are a good team to work with. And – as we always have, we’ll continue to provide you with the data and understanding you need to rest assured your marketing budget is being put to good use.

Personalization & Personalized Experiences

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, customers have so many options these days when it comes to brands to choose from. Personalization – which will become increasingly popular in 2023 – may be one of – or the reason a customer selects your product or service. Psychologists have shared that people love to “hear their name and see it in print,” and with today’s technology, digital marketers are able to take customer information provided and identify what messages will help each unique customer find the right solutions. For these reasons and more, we’re really seeing a turn towards personalized marketing messages to connect brands with their target markets.

Wrapping it All Up

Want to make sure you’re meeting the mark and staying ahead of the curve this year when it comes to your marketing practices? Contact us – we’d be happy to make smart happen (and keep smart happening), together, or check out some of our services, here.

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