A Self-serve New Mover Marketing Platform

New Mover Marketing Made Simple

StrataFlo is a self-serve marketing platform built for small and mid-sized companies to create and control new mover marketing campaigns with just a few clicks. It’s smart, it’s simple, it’s StrataFlo.

Convert New Movers into New Customers

Did you know that more than 40 million people move every year? And almost certainly, every single one of them are looking for a new dentist, pharmacist, pizza shop, handyman…you get where we’re going with this. These movers present an opportunity for every business to turn them into loyal, lifelong customers.

Why It Works

It’s Affordable

No more dealing with agencies, data companies, and other providers just to launch a new mover campaign. Now, you can grant authorized users access and let them launch predesigned, brand compliant campaigns without breaking the bank. Plus, did we mention you’ll save time!? Win, win.

It’s Easy

Say goodbye to campaign complication. StrataFlo was built by a team of new mover experts, for new mover novices. In just a few minutes, users can set a targeted radius, craft creative, and launch a brand compliant campaign. Next thing you know, new movers will become new customers.

It’s Effective

Get your services in front of new residents the moment they arrive with a direct mail campaign that effectively highlights what you do, where you are, and how amazing your products/services are. It’s all about making a strong first impression, first.

How It Works

Let Your Member Organizations Reach New Movers with Ease

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