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CORSPON™ is the driving force behind our customer communications management solutions. Ideal for regulated industries such as healthcare, finance and insurance, our intuitive, flexible, and user-friendly CCM solutions help businesses automate, streamline and simplify programmatic correspondence. We increase your marketing and outbound communications’ efficiency, accuracy, and content personalization, all while driving down costs and improving the customer experience. Seamlessly capture data, produce multichannel output, and track and control your program.

How It Can Help


You’ll be able to seamlessly capture and transform data for automated output.


You can produce multichannel output via mail, email, SMS, and fax with the click of a button.

Tracking & Control

You’ll have extensive order, content and user history archives at your fingertips, while protecting your business, ensuring compliance, and improving QA.

What It Does

CORSPON™ systems are ideal for regulated industries such as Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, or wherever a high level of accuracy, personalization and timeliness are a must. As a company who’s worked with those in the Healthcare, Finance, and Insurance industries for years, we understand your customer communication management needs and hurtles.

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