Campaign Attribution

Multichannel Campaign Attribution

You know what keeps us up at night? The success of your campaigns and making sure they’re measurable and have actionable insights – that’s why we invest so much into improving and innovating our response mechanisms. For us, it’s all about giving you access to the most accurate, detailed response attributions in the industry.

  • Personalized Landing Pages

    As the go-to-choice for successful direct marketing conversions, we’re masters of the personalized landing page. We use the attributes of each individual record to control variable images, text, offerings and forms, giving each campaign member the feeling that the page was built just for them.

  • PURLs

    PURL [pərl] (noun):

    1. Personalized Uniform Resource Locator
    2. A URL that uses personalization to increase click-through rates.

    They sound complex but PURLs are actually incredibly easy to implement into any omnichannel campaign and can quickly boost conversion rates. So, what’s their secret? Human nature: we love seeing things with our name on it!

  • Offline Conversions

    Offline conversion is a method of capturing campaign conversions through geofencing technology. To put it simply, we create a digital fence around the physical locations you’d like campaign members to travel to (grocery store, pizza shop, etc.) and then we can precisely identify whenever someone from your campaign walks through your doors. Magic!

  • eBRCs and BRCs

    Classics never die. Business Reply Cards – or BRC for short – have been the epitome of direct mail tracking since 1928. While that basically makes them a dinosaur relative to our other response mechanisms, they – along with their digital counterpart the eBRC – still work like a charm.

  • Campaign Attribution for Every Channel

    We get it – every campaign is different, and sometimes a unique response mechanism is needed. Are you looking for a solution that’s not listed above? Don’t worry we can do it – all you need to do is ask.

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