Real-Time Reporting

Getting Your Information Where, When and How You Want It

Gone are the days of high-level metrics and generic response rates. Instead, direct marketing reporting pinpoints exactly who’s responding, when they’re responding and how they’re responding. Our advanced reporting will allow you to continuously analyze your campaigns and programs with real-time data so you can adjust, adapt, and pivot just as fast as your prospect’s preferences do.

  • Ready-to-use Dashboards

    Our prebuilt dashboards provide context and results in a standardized and organized way. No integration processes. No ramp-up time. Our dashboards are seamless and ready to provide immediate support.

  • Integrated Reporting

    If you don’t feel like adding another piece of technology to your stack – no problem (neither do we). Our developers can help you create an integrated reporting solution with the ability to plug in to your existing marcom tech.

  • Custom Solutions

    Looking for an even more custom solution? We’ve got you covered. We’ll sit down with you and your team, dive into your exact reporting needs and develop a custom solution that gives you the information you need in a format that checks all of the boxes.

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