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Ah, the beloved email. Sure, any company can use it for inexpensive mass reach, but only with Strata does that translate to inexpensive mass engagement. We’re experts at strategizing, designing, executing, and integrating email into your marketing portfolio.

  • Supporting Email Touchpoints

    When it comes to email, brand recognition and relevance are paramount to success. That’s why we strategically place supporting touchpoints along the way in an effort to maximizes potential open rates without breaking the bank.

  • List Matching Capabilities

    It’s a pretty common issue – you have THE BEST list for an email campaign, but you’re missing one thing – email addresses. Problem solved. Our list matching capabilities allow us to process each prospect through an advanced algorithm, matching it to a corresponding record in one of our email data sets. Voila – now you actually have THE BEST for your email campaign.

  • Workflow Integration with Omnichannel Triggers

    We’re all about the tactful use of email – and nothing says tactful more than triggering an email based on an audience interaction. Our ability to design and launch integrated workflows with omnichannel triggers can turn a simple email into a precise, conversion secret weapon.

  • Mass Emails

    Looking to take the execution component out of your mass eNewsletter or communication? We can do that too. We’ll sweat the small stuff with our high-volume email pricing while you rest assured that your mass communication launches with the highest engagement potential.

More Campaign Execution Capabilities

Data Services

No matter what stage you’re at in the data processing cycle, our goal is to be your go-to trusted resource to help you achieve marketing greatness.

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Response Mechanisms

We focus on improving and innovating our response mechanisms so you have access to the most accurate, detailed response attributions.

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