Direct Mail Marketing  

Not Your Average Direct Mail Marketing

High-impact direct mail marketing campaigns can cut through today’s digital noise to deliver a tactile experience and leave a lasting impression. Strata incorporates both physical and digital touchpoints to make the most of your direct mail – proven to be efficient and effective.

  • Modern Direct Mail

    Whether you’re looking for postcard marketing solutions or intricate dimensional mail, our direct mail marketing solutions are designed to impress. We’ll help you send direct mail pieces that are just as beautiful and modern as your brand, no matter your budget. Work with our team of graphic artists and our experienced marketing professionals to create unique, eye-catching direct mail marketing pieces that will not just wow your audience – but give you the marketing results you’re looking for.

  • Digital Tracking & Attribution

    We specialize in infusing mail with digital technology like PURLs and QR codes – delivering the benefits of the digital world with the unmatched personal feel of physical outreach. We’ve found that intertwining these digital and physical touches is an extremely effective marketing tactic that provides real, trackable, and tangible results.

  • Logic-Based Creative and Content

    Interested in using direct mail marketing in a conditional workflow? No problem. Our expertise, technology and machines can help enable these workflows without sacrificing brand consistency. We’ll help you develop personalized direct mail content and visuals in an intelligent roadmap format that meets your audience along their customer journey.

  • Analysis & Integrated Reporting

    Data (specifically, the right data) can tell complex stories and give you the information you need to adjust your direct mail marketing endeavors on the fly, with ease. We specialize in direct mail list management and analysis, and can help you gain insights from your data so you can make intelligent and informed decisions with confidence, and adapt your strategy to ensure a smart and effective direct mail marketing effort that keeps getting better.

More Campaign Execution Capabilities

Real-Time Reporting

Our advanced direct marketing reporting will allow you to continuously analyze your campaigns and programs with real time data. Don’t ever miss out on adapting and changing your direct marketing for best results.

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Response Mechanisms

We focus on improving and innovating our response mechanisms so you have access to the most accurate, detailed response attributions. Stay on top of exactly where and why your direct marketing campaigns are their most successful.

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