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Our Data Services

No matter what stage you’re at in the data processing, data collection, or data enrichment cycle, our goal is to be your go-to trusted resource to help you achieve marketing greatness with the highest quality data services and high-level data experience. Great marketing starts with even better data quality, so we’ll help you to organize, optimize, and use your existing data, or find you the best data to fit your specific needs.

  • Data Sourcing

    Working with us means you can start a campaign with your own data or ours – or both. Our advanced data sourcing uses a variety of data sets to collect, compare, and combine data into a single unified list to help you get the highest ROI possible out of your marketing efforts.

  • Data Enrichment

    We have the know-how and expertise to help you build a truly comprehensive data list. With Strata, gaps in your data are a thing of the past with data appending, and our data enrichment process. We have the tools and intel that can enrich your data for strategic segmentation or multichannel use.

  • Data Hygiene

    Like the moms and dads of data, no list is ugly to us, but we understand that some need a little more work than others if they don’t solely need data enrichment. That’s why we excel at data cleaning, data normalizing and data sorting to make it beautiful in the eyes of everyone (systems and applications included).

  • Analysis & Integrated Reporting

    Data can tell complex stories and give you the information you need to adjust your marketing endeavors on the fly. We’ll help you gain insights from your data so you can make intelligent and informed decisions with confidence. Gone are the days where you looked at your data once, and basically “set it and forget” it when it came to your marketing communications and campaigns. We’ll help you continuously analyze and strategize to make the most of your data.

More Campaign Execution Capabilities

Digital Outreach

From email to advertising, we specialize in standalone and multichannel campaigns that utilize digital channels to help you reach your specific audiences, where they are and when they’re ready. We help you find your audience where they are along the buyer journey and help you turn them into lifelong customers.

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Direct Mail

High-impact direct mail campaigns can cut through today’s digital noise to deliver a tactile experience and leave a lasting impression. Save money, increase your speed to market, and maximize your results by capitalizing on innovative mailing designs and established discount programs.

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