New Mover Marketing for Healthcare

Introducing SmartMove – A Next Generation Healthcare Marketing Strategy for Patient Acquisition

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Strategic Healthcare Marketing for New Patient Acquisition

SmartMove is a robust, multichannel, multi-touch, new mover marketing program that helps you find the perfect time and place to reach your target audience, right as they move into your surrounding area – using tactics like direct mail, digital advertising, email, and more. This audience is just starting to look for new health systems, urgent cares and/or private practices, so it’s incredibly important to reach them throughout their customer journey to establish trust, build brand loyalty, and turn them into long-term, devoted customers. Our marketing professionals have years of new mover experience, and know the best tactics to catch the eyes (and allegiance) of those new to your community.

Benefits of SmartMove for Healthcare

Make a Strong First Impression, First

SmartMove’s approach to new mover marketing isn’t just smart, it’s timely. An intelligent combination of direct mail and display ads puts your health system in front of new residents the moment they arrive in the neighborhood, providing you the opportunity to make a strong first impression before your competitors.

Build Vital (and Valuable) Relationships

With SmartMove you won’t just make a strong first impression, you’ll make a lasting one. After the initial outreach, follow up with automated email workflows, dimensional mailers, display ads, or whatever vehicle best fits your needs. Multiple – and multi-channel – touches help you build brand affinity, and introduce respondents to your system’s services.

Get Intelligent, Actionable Insight

SmartMove uses a variety of vehicles to collect real-time responses on a one-to-one level. Armed with sophisticated proprietary technology, your responses are aggregated for advanced reporting and analysis, providing you the ability to make enhancements on the fly and improve your campaign’s ROI.

What SmartMove Looks Like

A Road Map for Reaching New Movers

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