Location-Based Marketing

Personalized, location-based incentives improve campaign effectiveness by eliminating waste and maximizing relevancy – but it’s not always easy to implement. That’s where we come in. Strata identifies your ideal market geography and helps you capitalize on close by opportunities. Reach your target audience with more customization and detail than ever before.

High Level Location Services

Our latest release of Omneural Location Services allows you to include location-based incentives in any campaign – effortlessly. Finally be able to:

  • Add relevant, localized offers to your campaign based on a campaign member’s closest location of your business
  • Effectively communicate localized value to campaign members
  • Manage localized offerings independently while retaining simplicity
  • Improve ROI by eliminating unnecessary coupon and offer expense

Ready to Increase Your Campaign Effectiveness?

More Campaign Execution Capabilities

Real-Time Reporting

Our advanced direct marketing reporting will allow you to continuously analyze your campaigns and programs with real time data.

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Response Mechanisms

We focus on improving and innovating our response mechanisms so you have access to the most accurate, detailed response attributions.

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