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Make A Strong First Impression and Cut Through the Competitive Noise

Gone are the days of announcing your gym, pizza shop, salon or any other retail store’s grand opening with a single sign or billboard. Today, the most successful grand-opening strategies are robust, carefully crafted market penetration campaigns that include multiple channels, touch points, and messages – and we can help with that!

We have years of experience helping retailers develop market penetration programs that target the right customers, at the right time, and cut through competitive noise. The best part? Our grand opening strategies aren’t one-size-fits all. We’ll help you build a customized program that utilizes only the channels your customers respond best to – ensuring your marketing dollars are well-spent and yield optimal ROI.

Why Strata?

Make a Strong Introduction

Our approach to market penetration and grand openings isn’t just timely – it’s smart, localized, and effective. An intelligent combination of direct mail and digital advertising, coupled with relevant, personalized coupons, will show potential customers in your market that you care and are ready to welcome them with open arms.

Build Vital (and Valuable) Relationships

With our grand opening strategies, you won’t just make a strong first impression, you’ll make a lasting one. After the initial outreach, follow up with automated email workflows, dimensional mailers, display ads, or whatever vehicle best fits your needs. Multiple – and multichannel – touches help you build brand affinity in an already saturated market.

Get Intelligent, Actionable Insight

Our use of dynamic QR codes, PURLs, and personalized landing pages allows you to collect real-time campaign responses and data on a one-to-one level. Armed with proprietary technology, your responses are aggregated for advanced reporting and analysis, providing you the ability to make enhancements on the fly and improve your campaign’s ROI.

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