Event Driven Direct Mail at Scale

Our open direct mail APIs, coupled with our in-house print facility, allow you to reach the right targets, with the right message, at the exact right time – effortlessly.

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Supercharge Your Programmatic Direct Mail Marketing

Event-triggered direct mail leverages real-time data and an open direct mail API to send hyper-personalized and hyper-relevant touchpoints to your leads and customers at scale.

Optimize Your Offline Efforts

Create Personalized Experiences

Make your targets feel like you truly understand their wants and needs (maybe before they even do) with hyper-personalized, data-driven imagery, content, and CTAs based on pre-defined data points.

The Perfect Timing, Every Single Time

Timing is everything for your customers and your company. Custom, event-based triggers can personalize the delivery of your direct mail while capitalizing on individualized moments.

Offline Outreach with Online Trackability

Track, measure, and manage your offline efforts and utilize those insights to optimize your marketing budget for increased ROI. It’s about reaching the right targets, not all the targets.

Triggered Direct Mail Use Cases

Strata’s technology can seamlessly integrate with your customer data for hyper-targeted, triggered direct mail, making it perfect for:

Seamless MarTech Integration

Strata’s open APIs can seamlessly integrate with your preferred CRM, bridging the gap between the physical and digital to effortlessly enhance your customer experiences.

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