Full Service Direct Mail Marketing

Revolutionize your marketing efforts with Strata’s tech-enabled direct mail. Say goodbye to bulk mailings and embrace personalized, data-driven, and triggered communication. Our innovative mail APIs help to seamlessly integrate customer data for hyper-targeted mailers and allows for real-time insights that can boost conversions and ROI.

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Optimize Your Offline Efforts

Create Personalized Experiences

Make your targets feel like you truly understand their wants and needs (maybe before they even do) with hyper-personalized, data-driven imagery, content, and CTAs based on pre-defined data points.

The Perfect Timing, Every Single Time

Timing is everything for your customers and your company. Custom, event-based triggers can personalize the delivery of your direct mail while capitalizing on individualized moments.

Offline Outreach with Online Trackability

Track, measure, and manage your offline efforts and utilize those insights to optimize your marketing budget for increased ROI. It’s about reaching the right targets, not all the targets.

Direct Mail Use Cases

  • Digital Tracking & Attribution

    We specialize in infusing mail with digital technology like PURLs and QR codes – delivering the benefits of the digital world with the unmatched personal feel of physical outreach.

  • Logic-Based Creative and Content

    Variable driven creative and workflows are our bread and butter. Our expertise, mail APIs, and machines enable the use of direct mail in a highly personalized, targeted, and effective way.

  • Analysis & Integrated Reporting

    Data can tell complex stories and give you the information you need to adjust your marketing endeavors on the fly. We’ll report and analyze your direct mails performance so you can make intelligent and informed decisions with confidence.

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