The Perfect Recipe for Centralizing Brand Assets

The Perfect Recipe for Centralizing Brand Assets


A major baked goods manufacturing company with multiple brands and operations in nearly 20 countries around the world.


Given the global reach and multiple entities under one parent, our client desperately needed a centralized place to ensure brand integrity and compliance. Many of the business units were utilizing different templates and different providers, leading to inconsistent use of messaging, colors and corporate standards.


Working hand-in-hand with our client, we introduced a new, more efficient and scalable way of working for the different entities leveraging our MarCom On Demand platform. Strata created a one-stop-shop once the client identified every asset that needed to be centralized. The cloud-based Marketing Resource Management portal enabled the client to establish user designations for the entities and the assets they would need access to and provided a way for users to select and order brand assets – everything from posters to business cards to onboarding kits – with ease.


Our client is seeing 75% usage across its entities and brand compliance is no longer a concern. Additionally, the ease of use and streamlined efforts have driven erroneous costs down. There are now future discussions to integrate other lines of businesses across the entities into the portal.

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