Opening the Door for Customer Feedback

Opening the Door for Customer Feedback


Strata – we used this tactile solution offering for our own marketing needs.


Create a unique way to solicit feedback from customers about Strata’s services and get a pulse on brand perception.


Strata created a two-prong approach, leading with a dimensional mailer followed by an email to increase response rates. We created a package consisting of a Yeti coffee mug. Underneath the mug was the link to a survey and an incentive – a Starbucks gift card – to fill the mug if they completed the brief survey. We followed up via email to those that hadn’t responded to the initial request to boost response rates.


The campaign yielded a total response rate of 46%. The dimensional mailer drove an initial response rate of 40%. The follow-up email saw a secondary increase of 6%.
More importantly, the data we collected was invaluable. It gave us our current Net Promotor Score (NPS) of +77 – exceeding other industry NPS, which range from +6 to +60. It reinforced the areas in which we’re doing well, and uncovered areas for improvement, which we’ve begun strategizing for.

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