Personalized, Localized Direct Marketing

Personalized Localized Direct Marketing


One of the country’s largest wholesale grocers with stores in over 30 states, many of which operate under different names and brands.


Economic factors were resulting in more and more shoppers cooking at home. Recognizing this as a golden opportunity, the chain needed a fast-moving and highly-effective marketing program to ensure they, not their competition, benefited from this surge in traffic and purchases.


Strata proposed a two-fold strategy: quickly attract new residents in their market area via multi-coupon direct mailers, and empower store managers to promote their unique brand/offerings by utilizing Strata’s online portal to customize direct marketing pieces.


Of the 4,359 New Mover postcards mailed over a one year period, 900 coupons were redeemed. In addition to the impressive 20.6% response rate, the program yielded a 33% respondent to loyal customer conversion. The cloud solution delivered its own benefits as well, including cutting mailer production costs by more than 50%.

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