Timeliness, Accuracy and Compliance in Customer Communications

Timeliness Accuracy and Compliance in Customer Communications


A Fortune 500 Financial Services Company responsible for periodically communicating fee disclosures and other notifications to plan participants.


Regulatory penalties for non-timely delivery of such communications are severe in this industry. In the face of continued growth, the client needed to ensure full regulatory compliance, timeliness and accuracy in correspondence. In addition, they sought ways to reduce costs during peak periods.


Strata proposed a reinvention of the legacy system by building a web-based customer communication management system that would streamline the entire process. The software utilizes a data transformation process to fully automate the creation of the correspondence. Project tracking and reporting features provide greater insight and transparency.


The company has experienced numerous benefits as a result of streamlining and automating the customer communication program. Positive impacts include the elimination of the possibility of error in output, compression of turnaround time, reduction in staffing needs and more.

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