Transforming Data to Highly-personalized Communications

Transforming Data to Highly Personalized Communications


A technology-focused patient experience services company with a Call Center supporting over 400 hospitals, assists patients in obtaining physician referrals, setting appointments and enrolling in classes or events.


The company needed a way to streamline, simplify and speed up the large-scale process of producing more than 100,000 brand and consumer-specific communications for the healthcare systems they serve – while ensuring the highest level of accuracy.


Strata built a custom correspondence management solution that automatically captures data from their call center and transfers it to the system. With unique profiles created for each institution served, users easily build highly-personalized, one-to-one communications in real time utilizing the data acquired from the call.


The client has gained an exponential increase in efficiency, trimming correspondence maintenance from weeks to hours, and the technology has virtually eliminated the risk of human error. They note a quantifiable improvement in the patient experience, more successful physician referrals and greater event and class participation.

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